What means VRT?
VRT stands for Vergleichs1)ReferenceTable this name is from 1980 and is still popular =)
The books are still available in two volumes.
Volume 1 (vrt1 two books in one set) includes all components starting with a letter from A to Z
Volume 2 (vrt2) includes all components starting with a number 0-µ mostly japanese 2SA..,2SB..,2SC..,2SD.. and american components 2N..
The actual edition is 2010/2011, you can find a sample file here.
vrt1 vrt2
More info in our shop at http://www.shop.eca.de and in your local books shop. Meanwhile we are offering the same database with many additional Pin-outs and additional data Werte Suche as software solution with the name vrt-dvd.
A description of the software is here.
You can order in our Online Shop at ECA database on DVD and CD-ROM.
Meanwhile we are offering vrt-dvd as download version too.

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