Search and selection windows

Search and select
Here you can enter the search term, wildcards like “*” and “?” are allowed too. If you enter e.g. “BU?08” the program will search for all entries with a type indication of “BU” an arbitrary single sign followed by the number “508” (e.g. BU608, BU108..), if you entered “BU*508” vrt-dvd will search for “BU” an arbitrary quantity of sign followed by the number “508” (e.g. BU08, BU66608, BUX508…)
If the search was successful, you can skip to the next successful entry through clicking on the button Next.
If no entry was found you can direct search in our online data base The program will open the search query in your standard internet browser. In the case that the component wasn't found in our online data base too, you can use our free search service and fill out the appearing form and we will search for you the requested part. All inquiries will appear and will be answered in our bboard.

Choosing the search column

Where will you search for?
You can choose the search column in the combobox.
vrt-dvd allow to search for the following columns

  • Type
  • Number
  • Manufacturer abbreviation
  • device of the component
  • case outline
  • Text

if you choose the checkbox “selection” the program will create a selection, that means all founded types will appear in new create list window.

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