You can find all known problems and their solution here, if you can't find a solution for your problem here please contact direct or ☎ ++49 89 134004 and we will help you.


Error during the installation of vrt-dvd. After entering the serial number the following error message appeared : Erster Aufruf von RegDBCreateKeyEX ist fehlgeschlagen.
Solution: Please install vrt-dvd as administrator

Problem Initialisierung
The installation runs until the end but will not finished. The software will not start or deinstall, only the message that the software is not initialized.
Solution: Install the driverupdate download and read also virtual drivers.

Error message during installation directory not found Please try to install into c:\eca\vrtdvd\ directory, special in some forgein languages like arbabic, turkish, chinese the installation software has problems with special characters in the programfolder, so please try a simple foldername like c:\eca\

Error message wrong serial after installation of vrt-dvd on Windows 7 (beta). this is only for old version of vrtdvd before 2010! The installations runs fine, but the program won't run, only a error message wrong serial appear.
Solution: Let run vrtwin.exe and ecacheck.exe in the windows XP compatible modus right click on the vrtwin.exe normally located in the program folder at eca\vrtdvd2009 and click on properties, click on the Compatibility tab, click on Run this program in compatibility mode and choose the windows XP compatible modus. The same process with ecacheck.exe. Afterwards start vrtwin.exe with vrt-dvd in the dvd drive. 1)

The installation stalled, after copied the file and nothing happens.
If you cancelled the installation vrtdvd didn't work
Solution: Please close all anti virus tools during the installation.
The installation writes the registry setting and the ini files at the end, some anti virus tools (GDATA) avoid and the installation waits and waits…
Please contact us if the problem still exists, meanwhile we build a test tool to fix the problem.


Message appear that a new version is available, but nothing happend.
Solution: Please check your firewall setting, you must allow vrtwin.exe to download files from and to save this file into the vrt-dvd directory.
If your network setting did not allow direct file downloads, please visit the download section or contact our support and we will send you the update file by e-mail.

No Entries in the menu visible (vrt-dvd 2011)

After installation the program starts but there is no menu visible and the type list empty. we would recommend to install the patch for vrt-dvd 2011. Otherwise you can try to set the language.

1. Start the programm and choose in the menu the first item and click on the second in the menu
2.Please verify if the correct language is selected Choose english for example
3.Click on “dialog font” the second button below the language selection Please verify if the test is visible see the red arrow

Normally we use the ECATech Font, but you choose an other too. Select a visible font After confirming the big button on the right side of the setting window, it should be ok.

Where are the replacement types?

Problem: In the old vrt-disk the replacement type will be viewed in the main list.
Solution: You can find the direct replacement types in the data sheet window.. We did change the data base structure and did added the new selection for parameters, here you can find several replacement types.

Only short data in the data sheet?

Problem: You search for a wellknown transistor and the data sheet shows only short data and you can't search for technical parameters
Solution: Sometimes, especially for old types, you will find many types two or more times in the type list. Once in a short data sheet, which we use for the ECA vrt books and a more detailed one with all parameters.
Example BC 237:
Here a screen shot of the list with BC237 VRT data sheet
Second BC237 in the list is for the TDV data sheet, which allows parametric search too.

Here the screen shot for the vrt data sheet for BC 237

and here the TDV data sheet for BC 237

The more detailed data sheet allows a parametric search, while the vrt data sheet will show direct replacement types.

Program Error portuguese version (vrt-dvd 2013)

Problem: A error after program start.
Argument error: HB_SETCODEPAGE
Solution: Install the patch for vrt-dvd 1.81

Virtual drives

A error appear after program start. Maybe this error appears, because a CD/DVD emulation software is active. If one of the following programs below is active please deinstall them during the installation.

  • Daemon Tools 2.x / 3.x / 4.x
  • Alcohol 120% / 52%
  • Any CD/DVD Emulator Hide Utilities
  • Virtual CD 6.x / 7.x / 8.x / 9.x
  • VOB InstantDrive
  • GameJack 3 / 4
  • CopyStar FantomCD
  • CEQuadrat V-Drive
  • CD Space
  • FarStone GameCopy 8 / VirtualDrive
  • X-OOM Game Clone
  • SlySoft AnyDVD
we hope the description is understandable, we did not tried windows 7 beta, still waiting for the final version, but we got this advise from a greek customer Σας ευχαριστούμε
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