ECA Abbreviation for devices

Used abbreviations:
A/D-IC Analog-to-digital converter
BiMOS-IC Integrated circuit (Bipolar, + MOS
CCD-IC Charge-coupled device
CMOS-Logic Digital-logic circuit (CMOS technology)
C-Di Capacitance diode (Varactor, varicap)
Diac 3-layer-trigger diode, symmetrical
DIG-IC Digital integrated circuit
dRAM-IC Read-write memory, dynamic
D/A-IC Digital-to-analog converter
EAROM-IC Memory, nonvolatile, alterable
ECL-Logic Emitter-coupled logic
EEPROM-IC Memory, nonvolatile, electrically erasable
EPROM-IC Memory, nonvolatile, UV-erasable
FPLA = PAL, field programmable
F-Thy Fast thyristor
GaAs Gallium arsenide
Ge-Di Germanium diode
Ge-N Germanium NPN transistor
Ge-P Germanium PNP transistor
GTO-Thy Gate turn off thyristor
Hybrid-IC Integrated circuit (hybrid technology)
IC Integrated circuit
I/O-IC Input/output IC for microcomputer
KOP-IC Comparator (operational amplifier)
LIN-IC Linear integrated circuit
MOS-…* With integrated gate protection diode
MOS-FET-d Metal oxide FET, depletion type
MOS-FET-e Metal oxide FET, enhancement type
MOS-IC Integrated circuit (MOS technology)
MOS-N/P-IGBT Iso-gate bipolar transistor
NMOS-IC N-channel MOS-IC
N-FET N-channel field-effect transistor
Opto Optoelectronic component
OP-IC Operational amplifier
PAL-IC Programmable logic array
PIN-Di PIN diode
PMOS-IC P-channel MOS-IC
PROM-IC Electrically programmable ROM
PUT Programmable Unijunction transistor(UJT)
P-FET P-channel field-effect transistor
Ref-Di Reference diode (highly stable Z-diode)
ROM-IC Read-only memory
SAS Silicon asymmetrical switch
SBS Silicon bilateral switch
Se-Di Selenium diode
Si-Br Silicon bridge rectifier
Si-Di Silicon diode
Si-N Silicon NPN transistor
Si-N-Darl Silicon NPN Darlington transistor
Si-P Silicon PNP transistor
Si-P-Darl Silicon PNP Darlington transistor
Si-St Silicon-stabi-diode (operation in forward direction)
sRAM-IC Read-write memory, static
SUS Silicon unilateral switch
Tetrode P- + N-gate thyristor
Thermistor Temperature depending resistor
Thy Thyristor
Thy-Br Thyristor bridge configuration
Triac Full-wave thyristor
Trigger-Di 4-layer trigger diode, asymmetrical
TTL-IC Linear integrated circuit (TTL technology)
TTL-Logic Digital logic circuit (transistor - transistor logic)
UJT Unijunction transistor
Varistor Voltage depending resistor (VDR)
Z-DI Z-diode (operation in reverse direction)
Z-IC Voltage regulator, voltage stabilizer
…+Di With integrated damper diode
…+R With integrated resistors
50Hz-Thy Thyristor for mains operation
μC-IC Single-chip microcomputer (MOS)
μP-IC Microprocessor, CPU (MOS)
Short data or description of function of each type.

Used abbreviations in the text field

A Antenna and wideband amplifiers (CATV)
AFC Automatic frequency control
AFT Automatic fine tuning
AGC Automatic gain control
ALC Automatic level control
AM RF application (AM range)
APC Automatic phase control
ARI Traffic information system (Germany)
Array Arrangement of numerous elements in a single case
asym Asymmetrical
AV Audio/Video
A/W-Verst Record/playback amplifier
B DC forward current gain
Backward Backward diode
Band-S RF band switching
bidirektional Bidirectional diode
Br Bridge rectifier
Btx Interactive video text
Camera Video camera
CATV Broad band cable amplifier
CB CB-radio
CD CD-player
Chopper Chopper
contr. av. Controlled avalanche
CPU Central processing unit
CRT Cathode ray tube
CTV Color TV
Dem Demodulator
Diskr Discriminator
DMA Direct memory access controller
Dual Dual transistors for differential amplifiers or dual diode
E Output stages
Equal Equalizer
ESD Electrostatic discharge
FB Remote control
FED Field effect diode
FIFO-IC First-in First-out memory
FLT Fluorescent tubes
FM RF application (FM range)
FREDFET V-MOS-FET with fast parasitic diode
F/V-Converter Converter frequency to voltage
gep Matched types
GI Rectifier (general)
Gunn-Di Gunn diode
HA TV horizontal deflection stages
HF RF application (general)
hi-beta High current gain
hi-current For high output current
hi-def High definition
hi-power High output power
hi-prec High precision
hi-rel High reliability
hi-res High resolution
hi-speed High speed
hi-volt For high voltages
Horiz. Horizontal
h-ohm For high impedance demodulator circuits
Ib Break-over current
Igt Gate trigger current
Ih Holding current
Impatt-Di Impatt diode
Indic. Indicator
IR Infra-red
Ip Peak point current
IPD Intelligent power device
Is Switching current
Iso Insulated
Itsm Surge current
Iv Valley point current
kV-GI High voltage rectifier
L Power stages
LCD Liquid crystal display
LED Light-emitting diode
LIFO-IC Last-in first-out memory
Limiter Limiter
lo-drive Low drive power required
lo-drop Low voltage drop
LogL Logic Level (Uth » 0,8…2V)
lo-power Low power consumption
lo-sat Low collector - emitter saturation voltage
lo-volt For low voltages
M Mixer stages
Min Miniaturized
MMU Memory management unit
Multipl Frequency multiplier
NF AF applications
Nix Nixie driver (digital display tubes)
Noise suppr. Noise suppression
n-ohm For low impedance demodulator circuits
O Oscillator stages
OFW/SAW-Filter Surface acoustic wave filter
OP-Amp. Operational amplifier
OSD On-screen display
par Parallel
PEP Peak envelope power
PIP Picture-in-picture
PLL Phase-locked loop
PQ RF-output power (transmitter transistor)
progr Programmable
PS Power supply
PWM Pulse-width modulation
ra Low noise
RadH Designed for space aviation use (radiation hardened)
re AGC stages
Recorder Tape and cassette recorder
Reg Regulator
S Switching stages
Schottky Schottky diode
ser Serial
SHF RF applications (>5 GHz)
SMD Surface mounted device
SMPS, SN Switch-mode power supplies
SS Fast switching stages
SSB Single sideband operation
stack Rectifier stacks
sym Symmetrical types
TAZ Suppressor diode
tgq Reset-time
Thy-Br Thyristor bridge configuration
Thy-Modul Arrangement of numerous thyristors in a single case
Ton TV sound channel
Tr Driver stages
Trigger-Di 4-layer trigger diode, asymmetrical
Tuning RF tuning diode
Tunnel-Di Tunnel diode
TV Television applications
UART Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
Ub Break over voltage
Ucc, Us Supply voltage
UHF RF applications (>250 MHz)
Uni General purpose types
US Ultrasonics
USART Universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver/transmitter
V Pre/input stages
VA TV vertical deflection types
VC Video recorder
Vertik. Vertical
VHF RF applications (approx. 100…250MHz)
Vid Video output stages
VIR NTSC color correction
Vtx Video text, teletext
V/F-Converter Converter voltage to frequency
X-Ray-prot. X-ray protection
ZF IF stages
ZV Integrated trigger amplification (Darlistor)
ß Short-circuit current gain at 1 kHz
(eff) r.m.s. value
(ss) Peak value
(Ta = …°) Ambient temperature if not 25°C
(Tc =…°) Case reference temperature if not 25°C (power types)
= [Typ]: Identical with [type], however: [data,case, Pin-Code, etc.]
® See under
-/…V Only UCE0 known; otherwise always UCB0 or UCB0/UCE0 (transistors)
…ns Reverse recovery time (diodes)
…/-ns Turn-on time (transistors)
…/…ns Turn-on/turn-off time (transistors)
…μs Circuit commutated turn-off time
tq (thyristor)
… + Diac With integrated diac
μComp Microcomputer
» [Typ] Similar to the named type (description see there)

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