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2011/01/31 (version 1.61)

  • changed: create Userapp folders if not available
  • improved: check variable before forwarding to internet server
  • bug fix: Skip next in audio data base
  • bug fix: Selection with several search entries for the same value, could crash the app
  • improved: new compiler version 92
  • bug fix: correct language setting for unknown languages

2010/12/01 (version 1.60) new production 2011

  • changed: all databases updated
  • added: Button for comment to data sheets
  • added: Button for search in distributor shops
  • added: Compare functions, allow to compare different types
  • improved: database print out
  • New installation software
  • added: new case outline forms

2010/11/03 (version 1.53 published)

  • fixed: minor bug fixes
  • fixed: allowed to use without admin rights (installation of the update needs admin rights)

2010/08/07 (version 1.53 intern) improvement

  • fixed: minor improvement for windows 7

2010/07/07 (version 1.52) improvement

  • fixed: bug fix in search for value changing the values in selection is now realized

2010/06/25 (version 1.51) improvement

  • fixed: wrong device text in some transistor data sheets
  • fixed: improvement for windows 7
  • fixed: minor bugs

2009/11/01 (version 1.42) improvement

  • fixed: displayed wrong device text (E401)
  • fixed: close manufacturer window in menu
  • fixed: minor bugs

2009/03/31 (version 1.41) improvement

2008/11/20 (version 1.40) new production vrt-dvd (edition 2009)

  • Enhanced: updated data base 2009 (plus 50.000 new types)
  • changed: new compiler version 58
  • enhanced: improved selection
  • enhanced: new help file
  • fixed: several little errors
  • enhanced: updated notice for case outline, if the type is available in different cases
  • enhanced: all open data sheets will be listed in the menu
  • enhanced: improved print out
  • enhanced: improved description for linear types,
  • enhanded: new pinout drawings for linear type

2009/04/01 (version 1.32) improvement for vrt-dvd 2008

2008/09/23 (version 1.31) bug fix

  • Changed: new compiler version 54
  • Enhanced: New Setting “Internet Port”
  • Enhanced: New Setting “Start Typ”
  • Enhanced: New Setting “Internet access”
  • Enhanced: Save the changed column row in the browser
  • Enhanced: Save the column row in selection too
  • Fixed: Avoid to close browse window
  • Fixed: Allowed to minimize, maximize the main frame

2008/01/08 (version 1.30) new production vrt-dvd (edition 2008)

  • Enhanced: updated data base 2008
  • Changed: new compiler version 47
  • Fixed: browser start is faster
  • Enhanced: New Settings “Open data sheet automatically”
  • Enhanced: New Settings “Close search dialog”
  • Enhanced: Transfer error log to our server, if allowed

2008/02/18 (version 1.22) published 18.2.2008

  • Fixed: Start of browser is much faster
  • Improved: Speed and memory usage of the application
  • Enhanced: New settings for an automatic open of data sheet and automatic close of the search window (requested by several customer)
  • Enhanced: Bugs will be transmitted to our server, for future improvements
  • Fixed: several minor errors
  • Improved: better update handling for patches

Remarks to Version 1.21 Error during update installation on some windows system (XP, VISTA), they can't install the update. It is necessary to reload the update file again, maybe it is helpful to delete update.1.21.exe first.

2007/09/14 (version 1.21) published 14.9.2007

  • Fixed: Error during update installation on some windows system (XP, VISTA), they can't install the update. It is necessary to reload the update file again, maybe it is helpful to delete update.1.21.exe first.

2007/08/30 (Version 1.21) published 12.9.2007

  • Fixed: Allow the user to switch off the automatic update for user without internet connection (from wuk)
  • Fixed: Error message regarding internet connection translated in all languages (from wuk)
  • Fixed: Missing Hotkey for Data sheet and Help file
  • Enhanced: Local Help file as vrtdvd.chm
  • Fixed: Error viewing DIAC data sheet e.g. ER900 (from wuk)
  • Fixed: Add UJT data sheets
  • Enhanced: Add some shortcuts to the helpfile
  • Enhanced: Resize the data sheets
  • Enhanced: Direct download of updates available through internet browser
  • Fixed: Error receiving some pdf files.

2007/06/27 (Version 1.20) Published

  • Fixed: In print preview wrong german letters
  • Enhanced: The setting allows to set and change the fonts of the type list

and the data sheets requested from Mr.Bowe

  • Changed: New compiler version to fix minor vista problems
  • Fixed: Link to the pdf for nur pdf files fixed.
  • Enhanced: Complementary types also in vrt data sheet requested from CAS Service
  • Fixed: Search for numeric fault needed a data base update dataupdate.exe
  • Changed: Search for Text automatically creates a selection
  • Fixed: Pdf download link to enter the username and password should appear in german language too.
  • Changed: Maximize and resize button for the main window requested from IMAD EL KOBBA
  • Fixed: Error wrong pinout and description by 2SC1885 (FET instead of Transistor) from CAS Service

2007/05/24: (Version 1.19) Published.

  • Fixed: Error in Printout of vrt data sheets
  • Remove: Statusbar in all browser windows
  • Fixed: Resize of Selectionwindow failed
  • Fixed: After a not successful search for a comparison type and a skip afterwards, a strange error message appears
  • Enhanced: Update creates a registry entry with the program path HEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ECA\vrt-dvd 2007 eca\bin InstallPath
  • Fixed: Error in sorting the selection window after type search with sortcolumn.
  • Changed: update.exe available at

2007/05/18: (Version 1.18) first published version of vrt-dvd (edition 2007) on DVD

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