Parametric search

The ECA data base at allows an manufacturer independent search for different parameter.
This is a short example based on the data of the BUZ 90, how you can find replacement types for nearly every component.

Starting the search

The parametric search will start after pressing this icon. You will find it on in the data sheet side on the upper left side or in the ecadata type list. After pressing the icon a screen like below will appear.

Selecting the values

This screen show all parameter of the selected type. It is also possible to change the data for a selection. The search will allways based on this data.
The third column allow to set a limit for a selection. The limitation based on %, which mean if you choose for example 10% and the selected value is VCE0 =100V the selection will be created for all types with a VCE0 from 100V to 110V. If you choose 0% the selection is valid only for types with a VCE0 of 100V. If you choose ±10% VCE0 is valid from 90V to 110 V.
You must check the box in the fourth column to select the value, only checked values will be use by the parametric search.
For this type i would recommend Drain-Gate Voltage - “VDG”, Drain-Source Voltage - “VDS” and Drain Current - “ID” above you can select the case-outline, normally the setting similear case is recommended, if your search wasn't successful you can choose all cases.

The ECA partner Shop selection will list only types which are available in a ECA Partner shop, sometimes very useful to find on the market available replacement type. 1)

Displaying potential replacement types

After confirm your entries with the confirm button on the lower left side the search engine will start and a liste like the above will appear.The first row will display the data of the selected type where you did start your selection. Please notice that if you changed the data the list still displays the the values of the selected type. 2)
You can sort all columns of this list by clicking on the column heading, the symbol Eshop stands for “this type is available in a eshop of a ECA Eshop partner” if you click on the button you will be forwarded to the available eshops. Generally it is a hint that this type is available on the market and you will be able to get this component by several distributors.
The PDF symbol is a link to the original data sheet form the manufacturer, which will be displayed after pressing the botton.
If you click on the item in the case column the pinout and the case of the selected type will be displayed, so it is easy to compare different types.
Example of a pinout

Clicking on the type in the first column will open the requested data sheet and you can see all details of this type.
The green columns are the columns which you selected for this parametric search.

In our data sheet we did recommend the following types as replacement type:
BUK 455/600, 2SK1117,2SK1402,2SK1809++, in this list you can find even more.
If you use this tool the first time i would recommend you to try it with several values. Generally a working replacement type depends always on the usage in the device.

EXAMPLE searching for replacement for 2SA1106 Audio amplifier transistor

Please notice that is only a indicator the most reseller are changing their asortment regulary
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