Link to a ECA data sheet

Clicking on the icon will create a link to the requested data sheet resp. to a already created selection.
All EURAS customers will find this icon direct beside the the type name.
The Microsoft® Internet Explorer will copy the link into your clipboard.
Other browser like our favourite Firefox or Opera will open a separate window.

Please click on the link in the appearing window and press the CRTL + C Key, so the link will be copied into your clipboard.
You can add this link with the CRTL + V key to any place, for example into the EURAS pin board.
Please notice that active javascript is necessary to use this function.
Here are a few screen shots:
Example Search for type
Example for search for Typensuche.
Beispiel Transistor Datenblatt
Example Transistor data sheet.
Example Search for parametrics
Example Search for parametrics.
Example search for function
Example search for function.

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