Function list

we are adding all components to the function list too, so it is easy to compare different parts with the same function.
An example for a function group.
On the left side you will find a short description. 1), you can open the bough by clicking on the little cross and if you clicking on an item the list on the right side will be update with all parts which are listed in this function group.
Click on the + to open the tree
The actual valid bough is marked in yellow color.

Above the list you will find further different function group which belongs to the same range. The “«” and “»” symbol will allow you browse the list.

The filter icon will open the filter dialog where you selected the requested manfacturer and figures.

You can selected the manufacturer and the figures please use the CRTL-key or the SHIFT-key to select several entries. The button will open the manufacturer dialog and shows all available manufacturer in this group. After pressing the start button the list will be update with the selected parts.
If you click on a type in the list the data sheet will be openend. You can sort the list by clicking on the heading of the columns.
The PDF icon will open the original data sheet and the E-Shop icon will open a new window with an link to the online shop of an ECA partner shop.

Please notice that you have to allow JAVA for this tree menue · Last modified: d.m.Y H:i by manfred
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