Filter and selection

Through clicking on the Filter und Selektions Icon icon in the title row the selection can be started.
The icon is available on the main list, after you have searched for some type designation, in the general function list, in the opto database list, in the list of the digital components and in the linear component list.
Search for FW2
As an example, I once used a question from our forum. Someone searched for a FW2G025, and we couldn't find a type designation like that therefore, we searched for fragments so here FW2. The search engine displayed a list with 38 components.
So we started the selection through clicking on the Filter and selection icon icon.
Now all the options appear in the selected components, and we choose the device Darlington Transistor because the user search for a darlington.

Then we start the selection by clicking the Filter button.
Result of the selection
The result is quite clear there is only one type FW26025A so i think it was a mix of 6 with G .
You could create the selection also for the device or manufacturers or case outline. Please try this new function and it would be grateful to receive feedback and suggestions. · Last modified: d.m.Y H:i by manfred
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