Semiconductor supplier search

This script will searched in several online shop of serious semiconductors suppliers. 1)
You can start the script by clicking on the icon in the datasheet.
Example search for a supplier of BU508 in the united kingdom
We will search for the requested type in several Online shops and open the contents in several iframe windows.

In the entry field on the upper right side you can enter the type and start the inquiry by choosing the submit button.

You can change the delivery country through clicking on the flag beside the entry field. The script will search for supplier which are able to deliver into the requested country, usealy the supplier has a representation in this country.
Above the suppliers iframe you can find a flag list with all available delivery countries for this supplier.

Clicking on the suppliers name will open the online shop window in a new windows.

Some supplier did not allow to open the online shops in a iframe window, so you have to click on the link to open the requested shop in a new window.

Additional options

You can inform us about errors or suggestion, by clicking on the thumbs.

Please let us know if we should add new suppliers.

ECA E-Shop Partner

We did connect all types of our data base with the delivery program of different resellers.
If the requested part is in the delivery program the E-Shop Icon will be displayed.
Sample of the ECA E-Shop Partner page
After clicking on the icon a page like above will appear. Here you can see which reseller offers this part, after clicking on the reseller icon you will be forwarded to the corresponding online shop. 2)

If you are a reseller with an extensive range of components and would like to appear on the ECA Partners page, please contact us directly.
contact us

1) , 2)
Please notice that we are not selling components and we are not able to answer questions about prices or delivery capacity. Furthermore we are independent from the resellers, please always contact the reseller itself. · Last modified: d.m.Y H:i by manfred
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