ECRS Cross Reference Search tool

ECRS cross reference search tool
You will find the ECA Cross Reference Search at
:!: With ECRS the cross reference search tool for semiconductors you can search in different manufacturer cross reference lists. 1)

We did found several manufacturer document like discontinued, cross reference, selections or similear not structured documents, which we can't arrange systematically to our data base structur. With you can search for any terms 2). If our system did find a term (for example “BU30” on the screen shot) on a page of a document, it will display the respective page and the requested name of the document.
Example to search for BU30

  • The first column displays the name of the document and on click it will open the first page of the document. Below it will display the page number where the search term was found. After clicking on the page number the respective page will be displayed and the search term is highlighted in yellow color.
  • The second column displays the Manufacturer abbreviation. After clicking a new window with further informations about the manufacturer will be displayed.
  • The next columns including further infos about the edition and the number of pages in the documents.
  • The additional columns including the main contents of the documents. The check box are viewing the main kind of component device listed in the document.

If you click on the checkbox “erweiterte Suche/advanced search” beside the search field you can delimited the search result. If you just want to search for transistors only select only the transistor checkbox in the head line.
Delimit the search result

Advanced search for BU30

After clicking on a page of the search result a new window in yoru browser will be opened and page like this screeshopt will be displayed.
Example for to search for BUZ7
In the main menu you will find buttons to skip in the document
Beside are buttons to zoom the page contents, the documents are often very different in size and fonts but it should be possible to view it in a readable size.
Zooming the page
Next you will find a input field to search in our data base
Search for at it will offers you several views and additional abilities more details hier. On the left side a menue for direct links to the respective pages.
Direct links to the pages

:!:Please also notice that we didn't verify the documents and the most documents are copyrighted by their copyright owner.

:-D Please notice also this is a new project and it would be great if you could send us cross reference file and remarks, errors, comments to the tool.
contact us.

We are collecting them since years and did convert them into a search able format and created an index too.
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