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 +====== Register vrt-dvd ====== 
 +To get access to the **PDF(r) data sheets** is it necessary to **create an account** at our online data base **http://​www.ecadata.de**. \\ 
 +The menu "​**Register vrt-dvd"​** open the  [[http://​www.ecadata.de/​register/​neuer-e.html|registration page]] in your standard browser.\\  
 +Please enter your user account data and choose a user name and a password. After the successful registration you will receive an email with an registration link to confirm your user name and the password.\\ 
 +Afterwards you can use the vrt (ICs and consumer components),​ ddv (diodes and thyristors) and tdv (FETs and transistors) online data base of www.ecadata.de **limited for one year**.\\  
 +The pdf download through vrt-dvd is not time limited.\\ 
 +Please notice that you can create only **one** account **for each vrt-dvd** Version.\\  
 +More information and the privacy policy ​ [[http://​www.eca.de/​modules.php?​op=modload&​name=Impressum&​file=index|at our main web site.]]
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