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 Short data or description of function of each type.\\ Short data or description of function of each type.\\
-====== Used abbreviations in the text field:\\ ======+====== Used abbreviations in the text field ======
 A Antenna and wideband amplifiers (CATV)\\ ​ A Antenna and wideband amplifiers (CATV)\\ ​
 AFC Automatic frequency control\\ ​ AFC Automatic frequency control\\ ​
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 Equal Equalizer\\ ​ Equal Equalizer\\ ​
 ESD Electrostatic discharge\\ ESD Electrostatic discharge\\
 +FB Remote control\\ ​
 +FED Field effect diode\\ ​
 +FIFO-IC First-in First-out memory\\ ​
 +FLT Fluorescent tubes\\ ​
 +FM RF application (FM range)\\ ​
 +FREDFET V-MOS-FET with fast parasitic diode\\ ​
 +F/​V-Converter Converter frequency to voltage\\ ​
 +gep Matched types\\ ​
 +GI Rectifier (general)\\ ​
 +Gunn-Di Gunn diode\\ ​
 +HA TV horizontal deflection stages\\ ​
 +HF RF application (general)\\ ​
 +hi-beta High current gain\\ ​
 +hi-current For high output current\\ ​
 +hi-def High definition\\ ​
 +hi-power High output power\\ ​
 +hi-prec High precision\\ ​
 +hi-rel High reliability\\ ​
 +hi-res High resolution\\ ​
 +hi-speed High speed\\ ​
 +hi-volt For high voltages\\ ​
 +Horiz. Horizontal\\ ​
 +h-ohm For high impedance demodulator circuits\\ ​
 +Ib Break-over current\\ ​
 +Igt Gate trigger current\\ ​
 +Ih Holding current\\ ​
 +Impatt-Di Impatt diode\\ ​
 +Indic. Indicator\\ ​
 +IR Infra-red\\ ​
 +Ip Peak point current\\ ​
 +IPD Intelligent power device\\ ​
 +Is Switching current\\ ​
 +Iso Insulated\\ ​
 +Itsm Surge current\\ ​
 +Iv Valley point current\\ ​
 +kV-GI High voltage rectifier\\ ​
 +L Power stages\\ ​
 +LCD Liquid crystal display\\ ​
 +LED Light-emitting diode\\ ​
 +LIFO-IC Last-in first-out memory\\ ​
 +Limiter Limiter\\ ​
 +lo-drive Low drive power required\\ ​
 +lo-drop Low voltage drop\\ ​
 +LogL Logic Level (Uth » 0,​8...2V)\\ ​
 +lo-power Low power consumption\\ ​
 +lo-sat Low collector - emitter saturation voltage\\ ​
 +lo-volt For low voltages\\ ​
 +M Mixer stages\\ ​
 +Min Miniaturized\\ ​
 +MMU Memory management unit\\ ​
 +Multipl Frequency multiplier\\ ​
 +NF AF applications\\ ​
 +Nix Nixie driver (digital display tubes)\\ ​
 +Noise suppr. Noise suppression\\ ​
 +n-ohm For low impedance demodulator circuits\\ ​
 +O Oscillator stages\\ ​
 +OFW/​SAW-Filter Surface acoustic wave filter\\ ​
 +OP-Amp. Operational amplifier\\ ​
 +OSD On-screen display\\ ​
 +par Parallel\\ ​
 +PEP Peak envelope power\\ ​
 +PIP Picture-in-picture\\ ​
 +PLL Phase-locked loop\\ ​
 +PQ RF-output power (transmitter transistor)\\ ​
 +progr Programmable\\ ​
 +PS Power supply\\ ​
 +PWM Pulse-width modulation\\ ​
 +ra Low noise\\ ​
 +RadH Designed for space aviation use (radiation hardened)\\ ​
 +re AGC stages\\ ​
 +Recorder Tape and cassette recorder\\ ​
 +Reg Regulator\\ ​
 +S Switching stages\\
 +Schottky Schottky diode\\ ​
 +ser Serial\\ ​
 +SHF RF applications (>5 GHz)\\ ​
 +SMD Surface mounted device\\ ​
 +SMPS, SN Switch-mode power supplies\\ ​
 +SS Fast switching stages\\ ​
 +SSB Single sideband operation\\ ​
 +stack Rectifier stacks\\ ​
 +sym Symmetrical types\\ ​
 +TAZ Suppressor diode\\ ​
 +tgq Reset-time\\ ​
 +Thy-Br Thyristor bridge configuration\\ ​
 +Thy-Modul Arrangement of numerous thyristors in a single case\\ ​
 +Ton TV sound channel\\ ​
 +Tr Driver stages\\ ​
 +Trigger-Di 4-layer trigger diode, asymmetrical\\ ​
 +Tuning RF tuning diode\\ ​
 +Tunnel-Di Tunnel diode\\ ​
 +TV Television applications\\ ​
 +UART Universal asynchronous receiver/​transmitter\\ ​
 +Ub Break over voltage\\ ​
 +Ucc, Us Supply voltage\\ ​
 +UHF RF applications (>250 MHz)\\ ​
 +Uni General purpose types\\ ​
 +US Ultrasonics\\ ​
 +USART Universal synchronous/​asynchronous receiver/​transmitter\\ ​
 +V Pre/input stages\\ ​
 +VA TV vertical deflection types\\ ​
 +VC Video recorder\\ ​
 +Vertik. Vertical\\ ​
 +VHF RF applications (approx. 100...250MHz)\\ ​
 +Vid Video output stages\\ ​
 +VIR NTSC color correction\\ ​
 +Vtx Video text, teletext\\ ​
 +V/​F-Converter Converter voltage to frequency\\ ​
 +X-Ray-prot. X-ray protection\\ ​
 +ZF IF stages\\ ​
 +ZV Integrated trigger amplification (Darlistor)\\ ​
 +ß Short-circuit current gain at 1 kHz\\ 
 +(eff) r.m.s. value\\ ​
 +(ss) Peak value\\ ​
 +(Ta = ...°) Ambient temperature if not 25°C\\ ​
 +(Tc =...°) Case reference temperature if not 25°C (power types)\\ ​
 += [Typ]: Identical with [type], however: [data,case, Pin-Code, etc.]\\ ​
 +® See under\\ ​
 +-/...V Only UCE0 known; otherwise always UCB0 or UCB0/UCE0 (transistors)\\ ​
 +...ns Reverse recovery time (diodes)\\ ​
 +.../-ns Turn-on time (transistors)\\ ​
 +.../...ns Turn-on/​turn-off time (transistors)\\ ​
 +...μs Circuit commutated turn-off time\\ ​
 +tq (thyristor)\\ ​
 +... + Diac With integrated diac\\ ​
 +μComp Microcomputer\\ ​
 +» [Typ] Similar to the named type
 +(description see there)
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