data sheet window

vrt-dvd can display different data sheets, the layout depends on the device of the component.
Here an example for a VRT data sheet of a ICs TDA2030.
In the VRT data sheets we try to list direct replacement types too.

Data sheet TDA2030

Data sheet for TDA2030

Data sheet 2SD438

Example for the TDV data sheet of the transistor 2SD438.
data sheet for 2SD438

Explanation of the icons

Link to the E-Shop Will link you to the e-shop of a supplier of this component.1)
Display the original data sheet document If this Icon appear the original data sheet from the manufacturer is available on the ecadata server and will be displayed in your Acrobat Reader ®. All data sheets are available on our online data base and will be downloaded. 2). Please also notice that we are continual working on our data base and we are adding pdf files too, which might be only available in the online data base at, so please give ecadata a try if your can't find a type or you didn't get the pdf file.
Printing the data sheet Printing the informations of the respective data sheet to your standard printer.
Enlarge the Pin-out drawing The pin-out will be displayed in an enlarged window. Sometimes it is recommend to print the pin-out, because the pin-out isn't readable on a standard screen.
With the buttons skip backwards or forwards “-” and “+” you can skip to the next or previous type in the respective data base. Please notice that some types are in different data base, so if you search for a special type it is recommend to use the search dialog.
Create a selection for parametrics With this button you can create a selection based on the displayed type, so you can find very easy several comparison types and replacements. This function is only available for transistors, diodes, FETs and thyristors. More Information here.
The tooltips will help you get more informationen to the data fields.
Additional informations to the components will be displayed in the tab control windows. In this case (TDA2030) the pinout of the component. There are several variants available, which you can choose in double clicking on the small symbols.

Please notice that ECA will only supply the link to the respective dealer and is in any connection with the supplier.
So it is necessary that your computer is connected to the internet
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