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 ====== VRT data sheet ====== ====== VRT data sheet ======
 +The vrt data sheet is our data base for the repair work shops and tried to display only the essential informations of a component. The most entries are integrated circuits of the consumer market.\\
 +In the past we did also add discrecte components, but nowadays we are only collecting the data of this parts into our data base for [[ecadata.de:​english:​tranistor_data_sheet|discrete components]],​ because it allows also to search for parametric throught the well defined data base structure.\\
 +On the top of the data sheet you will find a [[ecadata.de:​english:​available_icons|icon list]] for further informations and selections for this part. The {{:​ecadata.de:​deutsch:​funktion.png|function}} icon allows a [[ecadata.de:​english:​funclist|selection]] based on the function of this part.\\
 +Generally the data base displays information about the device, a short text description,​ the [[ecadata.de:​english:​hersteller|manufacturer]] infos about application and features.
 +If available we did also include a link to the PDF® data sheet of the manufacturer.\\
 +Beside this text information the pinout and/ or the case outline drawing will be displayed.\\
 +====== Example of vrt data sheet integrated circuits ======
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​deutsch:​vrtdatenblatt-m62419.png?​500|vrt data sheet of M62419}}\\
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​deutsch:​bewertungoben.png|}} Icon allows you to [[ecadata.de:​english:​error|enter a rating]] for this data sheet, if you send us a bad ratings, we will be forced to improve this data sheet. ((Please notice that we are collecting data of semiconductors since more than 30 years and we have some very old parts from the 80th, with very raw informations,​ but i think better somewhat than nothing. If you have old data books or better informations please contact us, maybe we can find a way to get this informations too.)).\\
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​deutsch:​myedit.png|}} Icon allows to enter additional informations for this part, further informations about this functions is available [[ecadata.de:​english:​here|here.]]
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