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All opto electronic components like LED, IRED, Transmitter, Coupler, Receiver, Displays and their inverter are listed in the opto data base.
A description based on displays is here.
The explanation and overview of the icons is here.
The screen shot based on the data sheet of BPW361).
ECA data sheet of BPW36
Clicking on the text line
or on the list icon will opened a list of all other components with the same function 2). You can sort and select this list by various parameters. Further explanations for this function is availble Add a notice to a data sheet.
Here is a screen shot of the list.
List of photo transistors with external base connection
The left side of the data sheet includes the general info to this part, like case outline, manufacturerer, application, remarks etc.
On the right side are all relevant parameters for the component. If you move your mouse 3) over the abbreviation a tooltip will appear with an explanation to the parameter.
The lower part of the data sheet is for the pinout and the case outline.
Pinout and case outline of BPW36
Please also notice that often a table inside the drawing will lead you to the right measurement of the case outline. This example is for M16-2 which means the BPW36 has the following dimensions A=4,52-4,8mm B=3,94mm C= 5,76-6,9mm D= 12,7mm E=0,41mm F=2,54mm G=5,21-5,8mm.

Photo transistor with external base connection
It is just a very raw selection from us based on group numbers
position the computer cursor in a certain place by moving a device the so called mouse
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