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Login with an existing account

You have already created an account at and you want to use the data base. The following screen shots will show the regular procedure.

Main page of

  • Move the mouse over the main menu to the menu “«your account»“.

If you can see a menu like this, please enable javascript in your browser!
Choose <<your account>>".

  • Move the mouse below and press on the menu ”«my account»“.

Click on <<my account>>.

  • Enter your user name and your password, which you received by email after your successful registration.
    Please notice that you need a user name and password for the
    The user name for the online shop at are different and has nothing to do with the online data base

Enter your user name and password

  • If you user name and your password is correct and your account is still valid a screen like below will appear.
    If you have problems please read our FAQ and check your cookie setting. If you further problems or suggestion please contact us.

Example of a successful login

  • Now you can enter the search value in the input box on the upper right side f.e. LM336Z. After clicking on the search button beside a list like below will appear.

List of LM336Z

  • After pressing on the data sheet button Will open the data sheet or on the type the data sheet of LM336Z will be opened.

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