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 +====== ECA products ====== 
 +{{:​deutsch:​ecaeulen.png?​300|ECA Logo}}\\ 
 +we are collecting technical informations about all kind of semiconductors since 1970 and\\  
 +offering the result at www.ecadata.de.\\ 
 +The online database is also available as windows© software **on DVD as [[english:​overview|vrt-dvd]]**\\ 
 +Additional we are offering different technical books about semiconductors e.g. the well known **vrt data book** series.\\ 
 +{{:​deutsch:​vrt1a-b2010.jpg|VRT data book vrt 1}}\\ 
 +{{:​deutsch:​vrt2-2010.jpg|vrt data book volume 2}} 
 +Our actual catalogue with all products is available as [[http://​www.eca.de/​download/​eca2009-a4eng.pdf|PDF© document]].\\ 
 +You will also find all products in our Online Shop at http://​www.shop.eca.de with additional informations.
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