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-====== ​digital circuit ​data sheets ======+====== ​CMOS/​ECL/​TTL/​T75 ​data sheets ​ ====== 
 +The data base for digital circuits includes the data of **standard TTL ((74..)), ECL 10k/100k, CMOS,\\ 
 +T75 circuits** based on the [[http://​www.eca.de/​xtshop/​product_info.php/​language/​en/​info/​p54_cmos-ttl-disk-2006.html|cmos/​ttl-disk]] from ECA.\\ 
 +You will find all important informations like, **maximum- und characterics data, case outline,​\\ 
 +pinout, logic table, drawing using the IEEE Standard 91** ((a description from Texas Instruments is available [[http://​www.eca.de/​download/​ieee91standard.pdf|here]])),​ access to the original \\ 
 +data sheet in  PDF® Format and a text description for application,​ function and usage.\\ 
 +A description of the icons in the data sheets is available [[ecadata.de:​english:​available_icons|here]].\\ 
 +Here some example screens of the [[http://​www.ecadata.de/​searchnew/​such.php?​ECA_KEY=74ABTH16373BDL|74ABTH16373BDL]] circuit from Philips.\\ 
 +{{{{:​ecadata.de:​english:​cmosdatateil1-eng.png?​500|data sheet part1}}\\ 
 +You can will find the general values of the circuit in the first part of the data sheet.\\ 
 +We are collecting all parts by their [[ecadata.de:​english:​funclist|function]] and the digital circuits additional by the family.\\ 
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​english:​cmoslistebaum-eng.png?​500|Example of the function list}}\\ 
 +The example is for the standard family 7416373.\\ 
 +All cicuits of the family will be displayed inside the list.\\ 
 +Clicking on the type name will open the data sheet. \\ 
 +Beside you will find all important values of the type. \\ 
 +A short description of the values is available as tooltip after moving the mouse cursor over the headline.\\ 
 +Additional you can set a filter or selection for all values inside the family or function group.\\ 
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​english:​cmoslistefunkfilter-eng.png?​500|Filter inside this family}}\\ 
 +The data sheet shows all informations about the circuit e.g. manufacturer info, \\ 
 +sources ((where we did find the data sheet info book or internet pages)). \\ 
 +//update June 2011//\\ 
 +Now you will find links to the eshops of some distributors and you can download the pdf file inside the selections.\\ 
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​deutsch:​ratings.png|}} After clicking on the links inside the list you will get further\\ basic informations about the technology of the circuits.\\ 
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​deutsch:​cmostechnol.png?​500|Technology overview}}\\ 
 +Below you will find a table with the switching times, depending on the supply voltage.\\ 
 +The next table will show a complete text description of the circuits in english language.\\ 
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​english:​cmosdatateil2-eng.png?​500|switching time, text description and pinout}}\\ 
 +At the end of the data sheet is the pin-out, case outline drawing,​\\ 
 +logic table and a drawing of in the IEEE Standard 91.\\  
 +{{:​ecadata.de:​english:​cmosdatateil3-eng.png?​500|logic table, IEEE Standard 91 and case outline}}\\ 
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