CMOS/ECL/TTL/T75 data sheets

The data base for digital circuits includes the data of standard TTL 1), ECL 10k/100k, CMOS,
T75 circuits
based on the cmos/ttl-disk from ECA.
You will find all important informations like, maximum- und characterics data, case outline,
pinout, logic table, drawing using the IEEE Standard 91
2), access to the original
data sheet in PDF® Format and a text description for application, function and usage.
A description of the icons in the data sheets is available here.
Here some example screens of the 74ABTH16373BDL circuit from Philips.
data sheet part1
You can will find the general values of the circuit in the first part of the data sheet.
We are collecting all parts by their function and the digital circuits additional by the family.
Example of the function list
The example is for the standard family 7416373.

All cicuits of the family will be displayed inside the list.
Clicking on the type name will open the data sheet.
Beside you will find all important values of the type.
A short description of the values is available as tooltip after moving the mouse cursor over the headline.
Additional you can set a filter or selection for all values inside the family or function group.
Filter inside this family
The data sheet shows all informations about the circuit e.g. manufacturer info,
sources 3).
update June 2011
Now you will find links to the eshops of some distributors and you can download the pdf file inside the selections.

After clicking on the links inside the list you will get further
basic informations about the technology of the circuits.

Technology overview
Below you will find a table with the switching times, depending on the supply voltage.
The next table will show a complete text description of the circuits in english language.
switching time, text description and pinout
At the end of the data sheet is the pin-out, case outline drawing,
logic table and a drawing of in the IEEE Standard 91.
logic table, IEEE Standard 91 and case outline

a description from Texas Instruments is available here
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