Gallery of all case outline drawings

All case outline drawing which are used in our data base are displayed in the ECA Gallery.

We did collect the drawings in different groups.
The case outline drawings of the discrete semiconductors are available here.

Clicking on the drawing will enlarge the respective drawing.

On the left side you will find a search field, so you should be able to find the descriptive name of the manufacturer too.
e.g. TO-220.
search for TO-220

Semiconductor case outline forms

You can find the list of all known semiconductors package forms at in the menue at »Package forms« Semiconductor package forms
Menue package forms
The list contains the ECA expression, JEDEC 1) norm, DIN 2) name, IEC 3) name and the JEITA 4) name.
JEDEC package forms
If you move your mouse cursor over the first column the ECA package form will be displayed on the upper right side.
If you click on the ECA package form name a list with all components will be displayed. You can select this list with the filter function.
Clicking on the info icon will open a window with further informations about this package form.

Clicking on the question mark allow to search for the package form name e.g. for the JEDEC name.
Search for JEDEC name

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