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Description of the icons.
The menu of the most data sheets is quite similear and did include the following icons .

  • Parametric search start the parametric search and the selections.
  • Listenanzeige Link for list view of the importants values inner a functions group
  • Function list Link to the function groups
  • Manufacturer Link to the manufacturerer address.
  • PDF Link to the original pdf from the manufacturerer in PDF® format
  • PDF Link allows to search at and for a PDF® data sheet. 1)
  • Partner E-Shop Link to the E-Shop of a reseller which will be able to deliver this component.
  • Search for a supplier Link to the ECA Semiconductor supplier search engine to find a supplier for the requested component.
  • thumb up rate this data sheet Here you can rate the value of this data sheet, send us errors or other comments. 2).
  • E-Mail to ECA Contact form to send a email to ECA.
  • Help Link to this online help if available
  • Help Same as above.
  • Create a ntoice A form to save notice or internal links more info Add a notice to a data sheet.
  • Create a link Will created a link to requested data sheet or selection more info here.
  • Create a selection or filter Will created a selection depending on the requested columns, more info here
  • Add ecadata as semiconductor search engine You can add ecadata to the search box of your favourite browser. More info here
  • Display comparison types Create a list of all replacement types, so it is easy to see the differences.
  • HSPICE files Download the HSPICE file for your simulation software.
  • IBIS files Download the IBIS file for your simulation software.
We are collecting technical data of semiconductors for more than 30 years. In the past all data sheets were published in a data book. We have a large archive with old databooks, but we are not able to scan all this data books. This link search for pdf file in the search engine, if you could find one it would be very helpful if your could send us a message and we will add the pdf file to the database.
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