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Description of the icons

The menu of the most data sheets is quite similear and did include the following icons .

  • Parametric search start the parametric search and the selections.
  • Listenanzeige Link for list view of the importants values inner a functions group
  • Function list Link to the function groups
  • Manufacturer Link to the manufacturerer address.
  • PDF Link to the original pdf from the manufacturerer in PDF® format
  • Partner E-Shop Link to the E-Shop of a reseller which will be able to deliver this component.
  • Rate this data sheet Here you can rate the value of this data sheet, send us errors or other comments. 1).
  • E-Mail to ECA Contact form to send a email to ECA.
  • Help Link to this online help if available
  • Help Same as above.
  • Create a ntoice A form to save notice or internal links more info Add a notice to a data sheet.
  • Create a link Will created a link to requested data sheet or selection more info here.
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