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ECRS Cross Reference Search tool
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====== ECRS Cross Reference Search tool ====== {{|ECRS cross reference search tool}}\\ You will find the ECA Cross Reference Search at [[]]\\ :!: With ECRS the cross reference search tool for semiconductors you can search in differe
Search with
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====== Search with ====== {{|}}\\ The search box is on the upper right side and allows the search for the type name (Standard) of a component. Search is **always case insensitive**. Searching for [ BU508
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\\ * {{|Parametric search}} //start the [[|parametric search]] and the selections.// * {{ r in PDF(r) format// * {{|PDF}} //Link allows to search at and for a PDF(r) data sheet. ((We are collecting
Parametric search
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====== Parametric search ====== The ECA data base at allows an manufacturer independent search for different parameter.\\ This is a short exampl... ery component.\\ {{|}}\\ ====== Starting the search ====== The parametric search will start after pressing this {{:e
Marking code search
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====== Marking code search ====== Many of the SMD components are not printed with the full type name, but ... eutsch:suchoption-deu.png|}}\\ For the **SMD code search**, select in the selection button to "SMD-Code" a... nput box on the above right side and confirm your search by clicking on the "Search" button next to it.\\ Here a screen shot of a marking code search.\\ {{:ecada
Link to a ECA data sheet
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\ {{|Example Search for type}}\\ Example for search for [[|Typensuche]].\\ {{|Beispiel Transis... {{|Example Search for parametrics}}\\ Example [[
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owing database about semiconductors and allows to search or select for various parametric or functions. We... line_gallery|Semiconductor package forms]] with a search engine for JEDEC, DIN, ECA and other standards.\... isplays]] sorted by there function.\\ * General search function of -> [[|description]]. * Here is an example for [[ecada
Gallery of all case outline drawings
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der.png?400|}}\\ On the left side you will find a search field, so you should be able to find the descript... 20.\\ {{|search for TO-220}}\\ ====== Semiconductor case outline ... g?600|}}\\ Clicking on the question mark allow to search for the package form name e.g. for the JEDEC name.\\ {{|Search for JEDEC name}}
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s a **howto** find a replacement for 2SA1106 - Search for 2SA1106 - {{ .png?600|}} - Open the ECA data sheet with data search icon {{:deutsch:value_new.png|}} - {{|}} - Open the search value on the upper left corner - {{ know if you have questions or problems. More info at [[|Parametric search]]
Semiconductor supplier search
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====== Semiconductor supplier search ====== This script will searched in several online shop of serious se... U508&ABC=BUZ;90;&F_SPRACHE=2&devcountr=gb|Example search for a supplier of BU508 in the united kingdom]]\\ We will search for the requested type in several Online shops an... *flag** beside the entry field. The script will **search for supplier** which are able to **deliver into t
Filter and selection
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list]].\\ {{|Search for FW2}}\\ As an example, I once used a question... e, we searched for fragments so here **FW2**. The search engine displayed a list with 38 components.\\ So ... evice **Darlington Transistor** because the user search for a darlington.\\ {{
display data sheet
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png|}} will open a new window in your browser and search at for the contents of the respective column. The example will search for the column //**Conn1**// ((connector of the d... nglish expression for "[" Klammer FIXME)) for the search term.\\ The block in middle right side is for =
ECA search service
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====== ECA search service ====== If you **didn't find the requested componenent** in the ECA database.\\ ... tart an inquiry?" button.\\ {{|}}\\ Please **fill out the appea... hese **will be deleted!** {{|}}\\ Your inquiry will appear in
Login with an existing account
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a successful login}}\\ * Now you can enter the search value in the input box on the upper right side f.e. LM336Z. After clicking on the search button beside a list like below will appear. \\ {
data sheets of discrete components
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se the [[|parametric search]] that sometimes several values of the same chara... ta sheet BUZ90\\ {{|}} \\ ====== Data sheet of a triac =====
Audio Amplifier data sheet
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VRT data sheet
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List - Filter - opto electronic
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ECA data sheets
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