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====== Overview ====== [[|{{:deutsch:ecadatalogo.jpg?300|}}]]\\ The Online database includes the following database about semiconductors and all
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did include the following icons .\\ * {{|Parametric search}} //start the [[|parametric search]] and the selections.// * {{|Display comparison types}} ... t is easy to see the differences.// * {{|Listenanzeige}} //Link for
Search with
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====== Search with ====== {{|}}\\ The search box is on the upper right side and a... ?) substitutes for any one character.\\ {{|}}\\ Additional you can search for **Text** in the [[|function list]], or for the **nu
ECRS Cross Reference Search tool
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ECRS Cross Reference Search tool ====== {{|ECRS cross reference sea... ECA Cross Reference Search at [[]]\\ :!: With ECRS the cross reference search tool... created an index too.))\\ [[|]] We did found several manufacturer document like discontinued, cross reference, se
Login with an existing account
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already created an account at and you want to use the data base. The following ... sit the data base home page at and the following screen shall appear.\\ {{|Main page of}}\\ * Move the mouse over the main menu to the
CMOS/ECL/TTL/T75 data sheets
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S,\\ T75 circuits** based on the [[ m Texas Instruments is available [[|here]])), access to t... e icons in the data sheets is available [[|here]].\\ Here some example screens of the [[|74ABTH1
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If you have problems please [[|contact us]]. ====== Cookie setting =... allow session cookies** from our **server**. * Details about cookie setting for firefox i... rer 8 more info about cookie setting is [[ setting IE8|here]] ====== EURAS u... the EURAS SYSTEM can use all databases at But you have to login throught the EURAS Website
Gallery of all case outline drawings
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ta base are displayed in the [[|ECA Gallery]]. \\ {{|}}\\ We did co... te semiconductors are available here.\\ {{|}}\\ Clicking on... will enlarge the respective drawing.\\ {{|}}\\ On the left
Parametric search
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ic search ====== The ECA data base at allows an manufacturer independent search for dif... nt types for nearly every component.\\ {{|}}\\ ====== St... search will start after pressing this {{|}} icon. You will find it on i... con a screen like below will appear.\\ {{|}}\\ ====== Select
Link to a ECA data sheet
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data sheet ====== Clicking on the icon {{|}} will create a link to th... ike our favourite [[|Firefox]] or [[|Opera]] will open a separate window.\\ {{|}}\\ Please click on t... tion.\\ Here are a few screen shots:\\ {{|Example Search for type
Filter and selection
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lection ====== Through clicking on the {{|Filter und Selektions Ico... some type designation, in the general [[|function list]], in the [[|opto database list]], in the list of the [[|digital components]] and in the
data sheets of discrete components
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One of the **important icons** is the {{|}} [[|parametric or selection]] icons, \\ it allows y... scription of all the icons is available [[|here]].\\ Below you can f... tion of the device, informations to the [[|manufacturer]] and replacement
Semiconductor supplier search
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art the script by clicking on the icon {{|}} in the datasheet.\\ [[;90;...|iframe]] windows.\\ {{|}}\\ In the **e... y by choosing the **submit button**.\\ {{|}}\\ You can **chang
VRT data sheet
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ta of this parts into our data base for [[|discrete components]... e top of the data sheet you will find a [[|icon list]] for further i... ions and selections for this part. The {{|function}} icon allows a [[|selection]] based on the functio
display data sheet
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** account, but you can upgrade. [[]] This is a t... ical example of a display data sheet.\\ {{|}}\\ This example is for the type [[ Function** //a short description of the [[|function]]// * **Prod*
Function list
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Manufacturer Information
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ECA data sheets
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Marking code search
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opto electronic
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List of digital circuits
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ECA search service
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LCD-Displays, Panels, FT, Inverter
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Audio Amplifier data sheet
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display list
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ECA products
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STK data sheet
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Cookie Setting for IE8
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List - Filter - opto electronic
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Add a notice to a data sheet
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Ratings and comments to a data sheet
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