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* [[|Audio ICs]] ⇒ //Also available as printed book **[[|Linear ICs]] ⇒ //Also available on CD-ROM **[[ de:english:stk|STK/STR Hybrid circuits]] ⇒ //Also available as printed book **[[ [[|Consumer ICs]] ⇒ //Also available on DVD **[[
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helpicon.png|Help}} //Link to this online help if available// * {{|Help}} //Sa
Semiconductor supplier search
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rs iframe you can find a **flag list** with all **available delivery countries** for this supplier.\\ {{:ecad
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. * Details about cookie setting for firefox is available [[|
Parametric search
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utsch:basket.png|}}will list only types which are available in a ECA Partner shop, sometimes very useful to find on the market available replacement type. ((Please notice that is only a ... ch:basket.png|}} Eshop stands for //"this type is available in a eshop of a ECA Eshop partner"// if you click on the button you will be forwarded to the available eshops. Generally it is a hint that this type is
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partner, so the user can view if the component is available in a partner shop. 12.10.2007 //changes in findgn
CMOS/ECL/TTL/T75 data sheets
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rd 91** ((a description from Texas Instruments is available [[|h... A description of the icons in the data sheets is available [[|here]].\\ Here some example screens of the [[ the type. \\ A short description of the values is available as tooltip after moving the mouse cursor over the
Audio Amplifier data sheet
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h:audio-data-eng.png?300|}} You will find all important parametric and a list of available comparison types.
Search with
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e:english:displaydatenblatt|Display database]] is available [[|here.]]\\ ... //show in which [[ECA product]] the data sheet is available.// * **Access** //show if you have access to th... file from the manufacturer from the ECA server if available.// * **SPICE files**((if available useable for your SPICE simulation software)) //will open a Spice file u
Gallery of all case outline drawings
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tline drawings of the discrete semiconductors are available here.\\ {{
Filter and selection
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e row the selection can be started.\\ The icon is available on the main list, after you have searched for som
ECA products
2 Hits, Last modified:\\ \\ The online database is also available as windows© software **on DVD as [[english:overvi... 2}} \\ Our actual catalogue with all products is available as [[
VRT data sheet
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e data sheet you will find a [[|icon list]] for further informations and se... cturer]] infos about application and features. If available we did also include a link to the PDF® data sheet... ions for this part, further informations about this functions is available [[|here.]]
Function list
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} will open the manufacturer dialog and shows all available manufacturer in this group. After pressing the st
opto electronic
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and overview of the icons is [[|here]].\\ The screen shot based on the data
STK data sheet
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Add a notice to a data sheet
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List of digital circuits
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Link to a ECA data sheet
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data sheets of discrete components
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List - Filter - opto electronic
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