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ECRS Cross Reference Search tool
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====== ECRS Cross Reference Search tool ====== {{|ECRS cross reference search tool}}\\ You will find the ECA Cross Reference Search at [[]]\\ :!: With ECRS the cross reference search tool for semiconductors you can search in differe
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011/07/14 15:09 * updated adsense colors, fixed search for values for device without wildcards problem w... onvert fixed for forum inquiries * added eshop search on main list for all types, //update //\\ 2011/0... ers list on the [[|search for a supplier]] script. Thank you for the sugges... uage (Thank you Margaret) [[|Polnish]] //update //\\28.4.2011
Search and selection windows @english
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====== Search and selection windows ====== {{deutsch:suchfenster.png?350|Search and select}}\\ Here you can enter the **search term, wildcards like "*" and "?"** are allowed too. If you enter e.g. "BU?08" the program will search for all entries with a type indication of "BU" an
Changelog @english
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ion 2.31 bug fix) * fixed a bug during smd-code search * minor bug fix 2017/12/01 (version 2.3 new pro... e * added: can limited max value for parametric search * improved: database print out * New installa... sch:download|version 1.65]]) * bug fix: numeric search 2011/02/10 ([[deutsch:download|version 1.64]]) ... dio data base * bug fix: Selection with several search entries for the same value, could crash the app
Search with
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====== Search with ====== {{|}}\\ The search box is on the upper right side and allows the search for the type name (Standard) of a component. Search is **always case insensitive**. Searching for [ BU508
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\\ * {{|Parametric search}} //start the [[|parametric search]] and the selections.// * {{ r in PDF(r) format// * {{|PDF}} //Link allows to search at and for a PDF(r) data sheet. ((We are collecting
Parametric search
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====== Parametric search ====== The ECA data base at allows an manufacturer independent search for different parameter.\\ This is a short exampl... ery component.\\ {{|}}\\ ====== Starting the search ====== The parametric search will start after pressing this {{:e
Search for parametrics @english
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====== Search for parametrics ====== The search for parametric dialog will appear after choosing this icon {{deutsch:value_new.png|}}.\\ {{{{:english:parametric-search.png?350|Start the search for parametrics}}\\ The dialogs shows all parameter of the requested component,
Semiconductor supplier search
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====== Semiconductor supplier search ====== This script will searched in several online shop of serious se... U508&ABC=BUZ;90;&F_SPRACHE=2&devcountr=gb|Example search for a supplier of BU508 in the united kingdom]]\\ We will search for the requested type in several Online shops an... me|iframe]] windows.\\ {{|}}\\ In the **entry field on the up
Link to a ECA data sheet
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\ {{|Example Search for type}}\\ Example for search for [[|Typensuche]].\\ {{|Beispiel Transis... {{|Example Search for parametrics}}\\ Example [[
Marking code search
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====== Marking code search ====== Many of the SMD components are not printed with the full type name, but ... eutsch:suchoption-deu.png|}}\\ For the **SMD code search**, select in the selection button to "SMD-Code" a... nput box on the above right side and confirm your search by clicking on the "Search" button next to it.\\ Here a screen shot of a marking code search.\\ {{:ecada
ECRS ECA cross reference search
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====== ECRS ECA cross reference search ====== Suche in den Crossreferenz Listen der verschiedenen Herstell... ents angezeigt.\\ {{|Beispiel einer Suchen nach BU30}}\\ ... klicken der Auswahlbox "erweiterte Suche/advanced search" {{|}}neben dem Suchfeld können Sie die Suche weiter eingrenzen. S
mainmenu @english
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Close the program and close all windows * **//Search//** * //**Find ...** STRG+F// Open the search dialog and allows to query the data base, more informa... sary to connect your computer with the internet.))Search for an [[updatedialog|Update]] for vrt-dvd at the... sheet]] of the selected type in the typelist. [[search|{{deutsch:find.png|}}]] Opens the [[searchdialog|
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owing database about semiconductors and allows to search or select for various parametric or functions. We... line_gallery|Semiconductor package forms]] with a search engine for JEDEC, DIN, ECA and other standards.\... isplays]] sorted by there function.\\ * General search function of -> [[|description]]. * Here is an example for [[ecada
Problems @english
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data in the data sheet? ====== **Problem:** //You search for a wellknown transistor and the data sheet shows only short data and you can't search for technical parameters//\\ Solution: Sometimes,... ish:tdv|TDV]] data sheet, which allows parametric search too.\\ {{:deutsch:bc237-liste.png?300|}}\\ Here t... ata sheet allows a [[english:selection|parametric search]], while the vrt data sheet will show direct repl
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Filter and selection
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ECA search service
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settings_window @english
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display data sheet
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Selektion nach Werten @deutsch
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Login with an existing account
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data sheet window @english
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updatedialog @english
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ECA data sheets
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data sheets of discrete components
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FAQ @english
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Audio Amplifier data sheet
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VRT data sheet
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List - Filter - opto electronic
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Data sheet of discrete components @english
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Datenblatt Inverter
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vrt-dvd @english
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